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Glover Pleads Guilty to C.J.'s Murder; Prosecution Reveals How Boy Was Killed

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RALEIGH — C.J. Wilkerson's stepfather pleaded guilty Tuesday morning to charges he killed the boy. With his plea came new information about the nine-year-old's murder.

Derrick Glover has spent months refusing to talk about C.J.'s disappearance. Now, some wonder whether his silence has paid off in a sentence that protects Glover from the death penalty.

Glover faces 48 to 60 years in prison for the second degree murder of C.J. Wilkerson. The charge was reduced from first degree murder after Glover revealed the location of C.J.'s body last week.

C.J.'s family agreed to the deal. Nevertheless, the mood in the courtroom was very emotional from the moment Glover entered the room.

The most tears flowed, though, when the prosecution described how C.J. died the morning of January 12.

"At 9:15 a.m., C.J. would come out of that room for the last time," said assistant district attorney Doug Faucette.

"He came out of that room, disobeying the defendant's orders. The defendant was enraged. He went toward C.J., forced him back into the room, took him down to the master bedroom, the master bed, placed his hands around C.J.'s throat and for two minutes choked him to death," Faucette said. "He removed his hands, realized C.J. had stopped breathing, placed C.J. on the bedroom floor, and in his words, couldn't believe what he had done."

Later, Glover put C.J.'s body in a green suitcase and left the suitcase in a wooded area in south Raleigh.

Glover told the prosecution that in the hours and days after the incident he had considered suicide, even attempted to kill himself more than once.

Glover did not address the court or the family and apparently acted alone. Family members did have words for Glover.

"All we have left now are the memories of the times we had with C.J., and those memories will live on forever," says family spokeswoman Debra Wiggins. "We are grateful to God that Derrick couldn't take those away from us."

Glover is now in the custody of theNorth Carolina Department of Correction.