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Durham Buys Back Guns for Vouchers

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DURHAM — For one day only, people in Durham are being asked to turn in guns for vouchers, no questions asked.

Durham Police are hoping to buy back about 100 guns Saturday.

They want the guns off the streets to make the city safer for everyone.

"We have little kids that are in these neighborhoods, and you just never know," says officer Darryl Drew. "They may walk across a weapon and, not knowing any better, may pick it up, may even pull the trigger."

"Retrieving that weapon, all these weapons off the street, could definitely save lives," he says.

The purpose of the program is to deter violence. Violence in Durham is down, but guns are still on the streets. Since the fall, police at traffic checkpoints have found more than 400 guns in people's cars.

Durham Police Chief Teresa Chambers says that is an amazing number, and one she wants to change.

Anyone who turns in a gun can receive a voucher worth up to $50 toward food and clothes at Harris Teeter and K-Mart.

All of the guns that are collected will be ground up and destroyed.


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