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Chapel Hill Residents Trash Curbside Pickup Plan

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In most cities, this is a common site. But not in Chapel Hill, where backyard pickup is currently the norm.(WRAL-TV5 News)
CHAPEL HILL — Some Chapel Hill residents are upset over a plan for curbside garbage pickup.

Residents packed a town council meeting Wednesday night to voice their concerns.

They say garbage cans on the curb would take away from the town's appeal. Some even said they would be willing to pay more taxes in order to keep trash cans out of sight.

"Let's pay the garbage men to do their jobs and that's the way to show how much we appreciate them and to preserve the town," said one resident.

The town estimates curbside collections would save $50,000 in one year and $400,000 over six years.

Council members may not vote on the curbside plan for several weeks.