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Top Girl Scout Cookie Seller Enjoys Sweet Success

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RALEIGH — Why would a girl spend day after day, hour after hour, on her feet selling simple confections of sugar and flour? Because she is a Girl Scout.

The Girl Scouts' super salesgirl is being honored for selling more than 1,000 boxes of the sweet treat.Eleven-year-old Erin Burcher is the top seller for a 20-county region.

The snacks in a pack mean a patch on the back. And earning those patches is -- no doubt -- what being a scout is all about.

"They want you to try your best and make goals for yourself and actually try to reach those goals," Erin says.

"I set a goal for myself and after I passed it, I could either stop there, or I could go more," she says.

The cookie sale symbolizes setting goals, achieving a dream, being part of a team, and growing your self-esteem.

Erin's outlook does not come from a textbook. The results come from just plain hard work, in school and in sales.

Erin says the strides she has made in the 5th grade are not for fame or glory. Self-motivation is the true story.

Erin sold to anyone and everyone, including workers at drive-through windows and even her local garbage man.

Erin says she really sold all 1,426 boxes herself, but credits Mom with keeping the books organized.

Second place in cookie sales went to Wake County's Chelsea Cofield, who sold 1,412 boxes.

Troops in the Pines of Carolina Girl Scout Council sold 1.6 million boxes of cookies total, worth nearly $5 million.