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Rumors Swirl About Future Development in Wake, Johnston Counties

Posted May 8, 2000 7:00 a.m. EDT

— Rumors of big money and big developments are swirling around eastern Wake County and western Johnston County. One involves a shopping mall, while the other is a little more "amusing."

Garner has seen a major housing boom, along with construction of a myriad of new stores and hotels near major roads.

Interim Town Manager Mary Lou Rand says there is interest in adding bigger projects.

"We're probably the only quadrant in Wake County that doesn't have a major mall of some description," Rand says. "Probably eight to ten months ago, there were some general inquiries of my predecessor about the possibilities of locating a mall in the Garner area."

Rand says speculation about a mall in one specific area, near Highway 70 and Interstate 40, remains just a rumor.

Merchants and shoppers say they would welcome a mall wherever it went.

"Competition breeds success," says interior designer Corrine Waterman. "It's the typical story of the woman. Find a dress in the mall, run around to all the other stores and go for the best buy."

"Due to the traffic congestion going into Cary and into Raleigh, it takes me an average of thirty minutes to get to a local mall," says shopper Vickie Ward.

Meanwhile, people in Johnston County have heard of plans for a Six Flags theme park near where Interstates 40 and 42 cross. County leaders are not aware of any discussions about the proposed plan.