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Orange County Residents Fight Quarry Expansion

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CHAPEL HILL — Protesters took to the streets in Chapel Hill Monday evening to stop the noise in their neighborhood.

Officials at an old rock quarry want to do more blasting but nearby homeowners are not standing quietly by.

Several dozen residents marched to Town Hall to make noise in order to fight for peace and quiet in their neighborhood.

At issue is a rock quarry owned by American Stone. The quarry is doing a lot of blasting at the present 120-acre facility. Jenni Foushee and other nearby residents say there is lots of noise, trucks rumbling along the road -- and they do not want to see more.

American Stone seeks a 20-acre expansion of its site, which would enable the quarry to operate for another 30 years.

Melvin Parrish and his neighbors told the council they are opposed to the expansion.

The stone company says that once the quarrying is over with, Orange County could use the site as a fresh water reservoir. But those who live closest are afraid they will pay the price.

Council members were deep in debate on the issue Monday night. But Chapel Hill, Carrboro and Orange County governments would all have to give their OK to any expansion, which means it could be a month or more before a decision is reached.

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