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Four Months Later, No Major Leads On C.J. Wilkerson Disappearance

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No one has seen 9-year-old C.J. Wilkerson for nearly four months. His family hopes a new photograph from C.J.'s basketball league will help break the case.(WRAL-TV5 News)
WAKE FOREST — No one has seen 9-year-oldC.J. Wilkersonfor nearly four months. While local police have scoured Wake Forest and surrounding areas, C.J.'s parents say to find their son, the case needs national exposure.

C.J.'s family is collecting signatures for a petition that could help get his story told onAmerica's Most Wanted.

"There's been one instance I know of of a kid that was taken after C.J. was gone," says Clarence Wilkerson, C.J.'s father. "A week or so later, she had already been ran on America's Most Wanted."

C.J.'s stepfather, Derrick Glover, is accused of kidnapping him. However, Glover will not tell police where to find the boy. Blue ribbons and missing posters around town are daily reminders that the case is still not closed.

"I still wonder what happened to him, and why doesn't this guy talk or just do something," says family friend Ernestine Jeffreys.

C.J.'s family hopes a new photograph from C.J.'s basketball league will help break the case. A friend brought it to the street festival Saturday.

Wilkerson says it is the last picture taken of his son before he disappeared.

"It was a blessing because we need a better, recent picture and this is it," Wilkerson says. "Everything else we do from now on will revolve around this picture."

Anyone who wants to help C.J.'s family by signing the petition can call the Community United Effort Center for Missing Persons at910-452-9480.



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