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Planetary Alignment Arrives Without Disasters Predicted By Doomsayers

Posted May 4, 2000 7:00 a.m. EDT

— Several planets were lined up in the sky Friday making some people think it would be a disaster.

Doomsayers predicted massive natural disasters as a result of a planetary alignment.

"It has no physical impact on the earth, sun or moon or anything else," says Dr. Lee Shapiro ofMorehead Planetarium. "It's an interesting grouping. It happens on average about once a century."

Dr. Shapiro says it is the tightest alignment of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the sun and moon from earth since 1962.

"It's the five naked eye planets plus the sun and the moon. What we usually think of as the seven naked eye moving objects in the sky," Shapiro says. "In fact, the days of the week are named after those seven objects."

The alignment has even more significance for astrologers. The planets are aligned in the sign of Taurus.

Astrologer Karen Martelino says that means May is a great month for planting the seeds for something of value and meaning.

"Right now, there's a lot of action there," Martelino says. "I think every astrologers will agree with me that this is the big month of wake-up and make the changes. Do it now."

People on Earth could not actually see the alignment because the sun was part of it, blocking everything else on the other side.