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State Lawmakers To Consider Toll Roads Proposal

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RALEIGH — North Carolina is toll-free from Murphy to Manteo on the state road system, but state lawmakers will consider a proposal to allow three privately-funded toll roads and three paid for with public money.

Tolls are part of the daily drive on roads like the New Jersey Turnpike. TheDepartment of Transportationsays toll roads are a good option, and they need options.

"Right now, we've got 79,000 miles of road that don't have tolls so tolls would only be applied in a situation where there is an addition to the highway system," says David King, deputy transportation secretary

The DOT will not turn Interstate 40 into a toll road. Instead, new roads would be built by private interests or the state and paid for with toll revenues.

The DOT also says it will not build toll roads if the public is against them. Drivers on Highway 64 in Knightdale have mixed opinions about the issue.

"It would be an inconvenience. It would be a hassle," says driver Christi Boggs. "It'd take more time and effort. I think they could find the money somewhere else."

"I moved here from Pennsylvania so I'm used to it," driver Lynn Wolf. "I wouldn't be opposed to it, I would consider it."

A private contractor has already visited North Carolina. He says he could build a toll road in two to three years.



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