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Teacher Who Donated Kidney to Student Returns to School

Posted May 2, 2000 7:00 a.m. EDT

— After teaching a lesson in humanity, long-time educator Jane Smith is back in class.

Two weeks ago, the Fayetteville science teacher donated a kidney to one of her students.

Smith returned toMax Abbott Middle Schoolthis week. Her students are excited to have her back and say their teacher is doing great.

"It's amazing she can come back one week after spring break and be ready to go," says student Emma Rice. "Yesterday she was tired because she wore herself out, but she's doing great just every day."

Michael Carter, 15, is back to the books as well. He is doing schoolwork from home as he continues to recuperate from the transplant surgery. He says he is happy Smith has recovered so quickly.

Both teacher and student continue to receive national publicity. They are featured in the May editions ofPeopleandJetmagazines.