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Web Site Helps Parents Calculate Child Support Payments

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RALEIGH — Few things are more painful than going through a divorce. Trying to calculate child support on top of the emotional turmoil can be a big headache. A Raleigh law firm is using technology to make the process easier.

With a just few quick keystrokes, anyone can calculate how much they owe or stand to receive in child support.

TheChild Support Calculatorappears on a Raleigh law firm's Web site.

When Neil Vining was going through a divorce he says the calculator took the edge off an overwhelming situation.

Says Vining, "It helps when you're sitting up in the middle of the night grinding your teeth and you can log on and say 'OK, well what if this happens?'"

The calculator uses information like income, day care costs, and state child support guidelines to come up with an estimate.

Attorney Lee Rosen says most visitors to the site use the calculator.

"There are so many people out there that need this information and can't afford a lawyer, don't have the time to go and see a lawyer, don't have access to this information in any way. And with this calculator on the Web, boom, they've got an answer," he says.

The idea is to give consumers a quick and fair response.

"I think all in all in all it was a fair result," says Vining. "Nobody got everything they wanted, but no one ever does."

The service is free, and you do not have to be a client of the law firm. It is also very easy to use. Just enter a few numbers and you get an answer in seconds.

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