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Newton Grove Could Lose Police Force By Next Week

Posted April 27, 2000 7:00 a.m. EDT

— On Monday, Newton Grove will be a town without a police force. The town's only two full-time police officers, including the chief, and four of its five part-time officers turned in their resignations.

Mayor William Wilson says he just received the resignations on Thursday, even though they were dated two weeks ago. No one, including the mayor, seems to know why the officers are resigning.

"I really don't know the exact reason," Wilson says. "We're a small town and anytime you have something like this, it's major. We, at this point as of Monday, will not have any officers."

The lack of police presence has residents wondering where they will turn for help.

"Well, it's a big problem for the Newton Grove residents," says resident Alesia Braswell. "Now we're in a situation where we're unprotected and we have to defend ourselves."

"Well, I think folks have to protect one another," says resident Alexander Lee. "One has to watch the other's back."

The Sampson County Sheriff's Department, along with the Highway Patrol, will provide service to the town. The town has already started placing ads for new officers.

The reason for the resignations may come sometime late Monday or Tuesday.