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Tipper Gore Campaigns For Husband At Meredith College

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RALEIGH — Tipper Gore, the wife of Vice President Al Gore, was in North Carolina Tuesday with just a week left before the state's primary. She greeted students, faculty and supporters atMeredith College.

Governor Jim Hunt introduced Gore as the person North Carolina residents should make the future First Lady of America.

"The people of North Carolina have exercised extraordinary judgment in electing and re-electing Jim Hunt to be your governor," Gore said.

After a few acknowledgements, Gore wanted to speak to the students about specific issues important to her husband.

"You know that education is absolutely No. 1 on the mind of Al Gore, and he's talking about it all around the country," Gore said.

She also wanted the audience to have a sense of what motivates her husband.

"It's family. It's love of children," Gore said. "It's compassion, and it's taking care of each other."

As she neared the end of her speech, Gore faced a minor interruption. One of the students standing on the risers behind the vice president's wife fainted under the hot lights. The student was fine.

In closing, Gore reminded everyone how much their vote counts.

"Every vote does matter. When John Kennedy was elected in 1960, he won by one vote per precinct," Gore said.

Following her visit to Meredith College, Gore went to a campaign reception held at the home of former Raleigh News and Observer publisher Frank Daniels.


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