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Apex Man Wrestles Wayward Deer in His Home

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APEX — A wayward animal met its match when it wandered out of bounds and into an Apex home.

Earlier this week, Harry and Marie Dickson were playing with their grandson on the back porch of their home. They were admiring a deer from the porch which overlooks their wooded backyard.

"We both said at the same time 'There's one, there's got to be another one somewhere.' And at that point, we heard this awful bang," says Harry.

The noise was a deer. It is anyone's guess why it jumped up on the front porch, through the door and into the Dickson's home.

"He got into the living room and with that, I just picked up my grandson and left. I just was not going to stay around and find out what happened. I thought he would follow me out, but he didn't," says Marie.

"I didn't have time to think about anything but that I was alone in a house with this deer. I have to get him out somehow, so I did," says Harry.

The bleeding deer charged over a chair. Harry, who is nearly 70, followed it into the dining room, cornered it and tackled the animal.

"I held him down, one hand on his throat and the other on his right front leg," he says.

Harry Dickson took a firm hold and pushed the stunned deer, a foot at a time, through the dining room, through the kitchen to the kitchen door.

"He bolted from me and the second tackle came," Harry says.

That is when he shouted for help to a growing crowd outside. A neighbor opened the door and helped Harry push the deer out.

The entire deer ordeal probably took less than ten minutes, but the people living in Waterford Green have been talking about it for days.

The damage was slight -- a scratch here and there. Dickson sprained his thumb.

After it was all over, Harry said he felt great, but does not recommend deer wrestling as therapy. He had just returned from a chiropractor's visit before his encounter with the deer.

The Dickson's do not think the animal will be back -- but just in case, they say they will keep their doors closed.