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Disgruntled Customer Holds Car Salesperson Hostage with Toy Gun

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WAKE FOREST — A Vance County man is in trouble with the law after a standoff at a Wake Forest car dealership.

Police say 43-year-old Stanley Robertson was not happy with the truck he bought from Chris Leith Chevrolet in Wake Forest.

Robertson reportedly picketed the business for a couple of days.

When he could not get his old car back, officers say Robertson used what turned out to be a toy gun to take a salesperson hostage.

"He made one threat, I understand, towards the salesperson. The salesperson realized he had a gun. He had a towel over the gun so [the salesperson] couldn't tell what type if weapon it was," says Wake Forest Police Chief Greg Harrington.

The dealer owner agreed to give Robertson his old car back. When he got in, officers arrested him on a kidnapping charge.