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Cumberland County Students Look Toward "Peaceful Days" To Prevent School Violence

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CUMBERLAND COUNTY — Several Cumberland County high schools are trying to encourage non-violence through the Peaceful Days program.

Safe schools coordinator Isaiah Walker keeps track of how many daysDouglas Byrd High Schoolstudents have gone without violent behavior.

"The Peaceful Days sign, we think, motivates them on a daily basis to try to think before they react," Walker says.

Grouped by age and gender, the kids see the program as a competition that encourages teamwork.

"Now, we have grown together and there are not that many fights," says student Lara Steelman.

The senior girls at the school were rewarded Wednesday with a pizza party for 47 straight days without a physical or verbal confrontation. It is only the second time this year that the students have reached that mark.

However, there are setbacks. A fight between a junior and senior male students caused them to start at ground zero.

Students are able to receive help, if they need it, through peer mediation.


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