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More Families Depend On Security Systems To Feel Safe

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RALEIGH — Many people are paying big bucks to keep their beloved belongings safe. Some people believe security systems are not an option, but a necessity.

More people like Bob Bozart are going to bed at night with their security systems armed.

"I don't know why I did without it for so long," Bozart says.

A recent study showed that 16 percent of homes in the South have security systems, which is more than any other region of the country.

The study also found that 42.8 percent of the nation's burglaries happen in the South. The West is next with 23.2 percent, followed by the Midwest at 20.9 percent. The Northeast ranks lowest at 13.1 percent.

Chip Johnson of Gray Security Systems has been busy selling security systems.

"You don't have to have Ming vases to have something you want to protect," Johnson says. "It's not a luxury item for the rich. Almost everyone needs a security system and can get one."

That is one reason why Bozart has security signs posted outside of his house.

"You want to feel secure in your own home because your home is your castle," Bozart says.

Security systems generally run for $700 with a monthly maintenance fee.

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