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Wayne County Truck Drivers Beware! Trash Cop Is On Patrol

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WAYNE COUNTY — Wayne County deputies are trying to put the brakes on trash offenders.

Law Enforcement Officer Joseph Allen is at ground zero in Wayne County's war against litter. He is leading the way in a crackdown on garbage being thrown from big trucks.

"I just hate trash," Allen says. "I hate to see someone dump on someone else's property. I've been doing this for so long that I know what trucks are going to the landfills."

Allen says most drivers do a good job keeping their trucks in check, but it is not unusual to see something blow out from time to time.

"In the first two years, I did a lot of warning people, but now I don't feel bad about writing citations," Allen says.

Marichal Matthews says he makes a point to make sure his truck does not add to the county's trash problem. He knows the consequences can be pretty steep.

"You can get a ticket," Matthews says. "It's going to stop people from tossing in people's yards. You won't have people calling in complaining about you."

Wayne County deputies are working in conjunction with the county's planning department to stop any potential litterbugs.

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