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Two Men Arrested For Stealing Liquor From ABC Warehouse

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RALEIGH — Two men are now in jail for stealing alcohol from the state's ABC warehouse.

Last week, agents arrested Vernon Myrick, a security guard. On Friday, they arrested his brother-in-law, Gary Young.

"During his night shift, he (Myrick) would enter the warehouse, remove the cases and carry it from the property," says state ABC agent Lew Nuckles. "He (Young) was assisting Myrick on several occasions in stealing the liquor and was also receiving the liquor and selling it."

ABC agents estimate both men stole eight to nine hundred cases of liquor worth about $250 each and sold the liquor throughout Wake County.

The state hired J.A. Jones, a Charlotte company, to manage the warehouse and provide security.

Mike Herring, state ABC administrator, says the security guard was the main leak and the agency is disappointed and concerned with the contractor.

An inventory on August 1 showed the liquor was missing. Agents say more arrests are likely.

The state is asking the contractor, J.A. Jones, to pay for the missing liquor worth more than $200,000.


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