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More Pain than Gain for People Who Exercise Too Much, Too Soon

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RALEIGH — Swimsuit season is just around the corner, which means people are starting to work off unwanted pounds. But before the gain could be the pain, for people not used to exercise.

Memberships at local gyms typically spike this time of the year, as people who are determined to look good at the beach begin working out.

The problem is that people not used to exercise may be too determined and hurt themselves in the process.

Tina Smith learned that lesson the hard way after pulling muscles and experiencing inflammation in her joints. Smith says she was "trying to be the strongest one in there, showing them that I can do it. And you're not going to get results that way."

Trainer Brenna Crowson explains why. "The muscles that have been sedentary for a while need an opportunity to gradually ease back into exercising," she says.

Crowson recommends people work out no more than three days a week to start, and not on consecutive days so muscles have a chance to rest.

Trainers also say anyone doing aerobic exercises should experience an intensity level of about 5, on a scale from 1-10. "Where you can say 'Yeah I feel like I'm working somewhat hard, but I can still breathe,'" Crowson says.

If you have not worked out in more than six months, it is a good idea to get a checkup first.

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