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Road Bond Money Could Help Widen Western Boulevard

Posted April 12, 2000 7:00 a.m. EDT

— Raleigh voters decided to spend $45 million improving the city's roads, now traffic engineers want to invest some of that money in the congested Western Boulevard corridor.

Amedeo DeAngelis knows all about Western Boulevard. He opened Amedeo's Restaurant on Western in 1963, and he has seen a lot of changes in 37 years.

"It was a two-lane highway. We were probably the only shopping center here. I think McDonald's came second. But, all this was all land that was just trees and birds, wildlife," DeAngelis says.

The only wildlife now on Western is stressed-out drivers trying to make U-turns, zipping through jammed traffic and confusing turn lanes. City traffic engineers want to use $2.4 million to give Western a facelift.

The city wants to remove the old asphalt median and replace it with a grass median with trees and shrubs. They also want to add one lane to each side between Gorman and Method. They hope to realign and improve dangerous intersections, as well.

Traffic engineers say they will not start work until late fall, so there is still time for suggestions.