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Persistence May Pay Off When Dealing With DOT; Funding for Road Projects May be a Problem

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RALEIGH — TheNorth Carolina Department of Transportationsays it does not have enough money to pay for all of the state's proposed road projects. Despite a lack of funds for those projects, many residents continue to bring road problems to the attention of the DOT.

While some might think their requests will be ignored, a Raleigh woman is proving that persistence pays off.

Dansey Drive at U.S. 401 is also known as Louisburg Road. Pamela Smith says no matter what you call it, the road is dangerous.

"We generally call in at least one or two 911 calls a month ourselves. With the cars you can hear the impacts up at our home," says Smith.

The widened 401 is six lanes near Smith's house. There is no traffic light at the intersection.

The DOT, police and sheriff's records indicate 39 accidents have been reported there in the last three years.

Two weeks ago, the result of a multi-car pileup ended up too close to home for Smith.

"[The car] rolled down Dansey about 150 yards, jumped the curb missing some children, and came into my driveway and hit both of my vehicles in my driveway," she says.

Smith says she repeatedly called DOT engineers about the dangerous intersection. She says after months of calls, she got some positive feedback.

Dansey Drive and 401 is on the state's spot safety improvement list.

Statewide, 237 spot safety projects are on hold for construction. It would take $12 million to fund all of the projects, but the state has only set aside $9 million for this category.

What are the chances of a traffic light at Dansey Drive?

"Can't promise anything, of course, but based on the data we have I believe it's a very good chance that will be funded," says DOT Traffic Engineer John Permar.

The DOT cannot fulfill all requests, but if you get in touch, they will listen.

"If they write to the DOT with their problem, give us their location and what the problem is, we will certainly investigate all requests," says Permar.

If you want to report a dangerous intersection, contact your nearest DOT division office. For a list of those offices goonlineor call1-877 DOT-4-YOU.


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