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Changes Ahead for Tricky Raleigh Intersection

Posted April 9, 2000 7:00 a.m. EDT

— Thousands of drivers use it every day. It is the gateway for many from Raleigh to Cary. And now, it is changing in a big way.

Buck Jones and Jones Franklin Roads meet with Western Boulevard to form a busy and confusing intersection.

As one driver put it -- it is a very complicated intersection.

Raleigh traffic engineers have just started the big task of making it less complicated and safer.

A section of Buck Jones will close. Buck Jones will merge with Jones Franklin before Western Boulevard.

The result: one less traffic artery will come into a re-aligned intersection.

Driver Jane Walton said the change is needed. "It's very confusing. It's a matter of confusion more than anything else at this point, which therefore leads to more accidents."

"Well, I think it's going to be a good change," Stephanie Moore agreed. "This intersection is sort of confusing and a lot of traffic gets congested in this area -- especially in the mornings. I'm a student at the vet school and going to school around 8 in the morning gets kind of tough sometimes."

Not all reaction is positive. Some people will lose half their front yards for the road re-alignment.

People who use Buck Jones near the intersection with Western and Jones Franklin will have to find another road to use.

When engineers close off the section of Buck Jones Road, workers at a convenience store located at the intersection say they lose will half their access and half of their business.

For now, the orange cones are up and the bulldozers are rolling. For it or against it, this intersection will change significantly by this summer.

Raleigh traffic engineers say they will finish the Buck Jones re-alignment by July 2.

The price tag for the road project is $834,000.