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Some Duke Dorms House Students, Professors

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DURHAM — Most people probably cannot imagine living in a college dorm again, but someDukeprofessors actually choose to live in campus housing. One Duke couple serve as live-in advisors on every aspect of student life.

"At first, they're apprehensive," says advisor Dalene Stangl. "They think, 'Oh no! Faculty living in the dorm.'" -->

Professor Dalene Stangl and her husband, Rick Richardson, a computer consultant, live in Bassett Hall as part of Duke's "Faculty-In-Residence" program. They get all kinds of questions from the 120 first-year students who are their neighbors.

"I tend to get the more academic questions like, 'Dalene, what class should I take?' or 'Dalene, I'm not doing so well, what should I do,'" Stangl says.

Richardson says he gets asked all kinds of questions as well.

"I get requests for destinations like where the Wal-Mart is, where the closest car repair shop is, how to get here and there," Richardson says.

Stangl and Richardson have lived in the dorm rent-free for three years.

Their three bedroom/two bath apartment is more spacious than most college rooms, and they say it is quieter than what people might think.

"Sometimes they're loud, and sometimes they come home in the middle of the night, but the dorm is set up so it's fairly quiet," Stangl says. "It never bothers my sleep."

Once students get to know their neighbors, they are happy to have them nearby.

"I know personally I've gone to Dalene and asked her questions about school work, classes I'm taking and schedule problems," says student Amy Yeun. "I've gone to her to talk about personal problems or issues, and sometimes people go just to hang out."

Stangl and Richardson say building the relationships with students is the best perk. The tough part is watching them leave after their freshman year.

Stangl and Richardson enjoy dorm life so much, they just signed on for another three-year stint. They received 65 letters of recommendation from students when they re-applied.

Duke has 14 professors living in dorms on East and West campus.


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