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Mothers Mobilize In Chapel Hill For Million Mom March

Posted April 7, 2000 7:00 a.m. EDT

— Mothers across the country are trying to put an end to gun violence. They are mobilizing for theMillion Mom Marchin Washington, D.C. Some mothers got together Saturday in Chapel Hill to talk strategy.

Every day, 12 children are killed in gun homicides, suicides and accidents. Last fall, a New Jersey woman, fed up with those statistics, started an effort to change the numbers.

Brenda Howerton is part of an effort to pull the trigger on gun violence. She lost two sons in consecutive years to gun violence.

"We are sick and tired, sick and tired of our children dying from gun violence," Howerton says.

Howerton is part of the Million Mom March, a national movement aimed at promoting what they call common sense gun laws.

"Children are dying. Children are getting hurt, and it's because guns are too easily available," says Orange County Coordinator Melissa McCullough. "We're looking for things like we want all guns to have gun locks. We want them to register all handguns and license all gun owners."

Orange County District Attorney Carl Fox believes the mothers can have an impact.

"They're not saying radical things like let's eliminate all guns," Fox says. "They're saying we need to take reasonable steps to make things safer in our society and for our children."

The march takes place on May 14, Mother's Day.