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Hundreds of New Homes Under Construction Near Crabtree

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RALEIGH — Hundreds of houses, townhouses and apartments are under construction along Lead Mine Road, where the Smith Estate used to be. Once covered with trees, the sleepy country road is now wide awake.

Almost 1,000 new housing units are coming to the area, which is right next door to the already-crowded Crabtree Valley Mall corridor.

To some, growth is a good thing, but to others it is upsetting.

"I thought I was set for life when we moved out here," says Mary Bourgeois. "You could count the number of cars that went by here in a day."

Bourgeois settled here 20 years ago. She knows she cannot stop the massive growth that surrounds her. But she is angry at what she says are unresponsive city leaders.

"They're not interested in us, only at election time," she says. "They could come here and tear up our yard, tear a part of my house down, like they're doing the neighbor's, they don't care."

Raleigh planners say they do care, but that it is impossible to please everyone in high-growth areas.

There have been recent rezonings, but the development is within the guidelines of the comprehensive plan.

Raleigh planners say crews will soon widen Lead Mine Road, but neighbors say even with the new lanes, the road will still be gridlocked.

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