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Raleigh Police Search For Pair of Pickpockets

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RALEIGH — Light-fingered crooks are picking pockets of unsuspecting shoppers.

Police say a man and his female accomplice took wallets from at least 20 unsuspecting shoppers and charged almost $6,000 with their credit cards.

"These suspects, in a very short period of time -- probably in a matter of seconds, will find an unattended pocketbook, go into the pocketbook, remove the wallet and be gone within just a minute or two," says Lt. Dennis Lane of the Raleigh Police Department.

Many shoppers say they are more careful to keep an eye on their purses these days.

"You'd think you should be able to go to the grocery store without someone taking advantage of you," says shopper Pat Haasis.

Shopper Faye McLamb also tries to be cautious while leaving her purse unattended.

"I might leave it at the end of the aisle and go down just a little bit and pick up something and come back," McLamb says. "I don't do that anymore."

The suspects were seen driving a green Dodge Caravan with a dented sliding door. Anyone who may have seen the suspects is asked to call Crimestoppers at(919) 834-4357.