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Sex, Identity of Suspect Escapes Wake Jailers

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RALEIGH — Raleigh police have a confusing case on their hands. The problem is not trying to figure out who did what, but who it is they have in custody.

Linda Gunner was once Charles Gunner. She is in the Wake County jail, charged with lying about her identity to get money from a local furniture company.

Gunner has been fingerprinted twice. One time police got results, one time they did not.

"It looked to me as if the finger pads were placed into, say, acid or somehow otherwise burned, and there were no more ridges, they were just burned smooth," says Det. Patrick Niemann of the Raleigh Police Department.

Gunner has a court date next week. Investigators hope to figure out who she really is by then.

For now, she is in an isolated cell at the Wake County jail.