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Hailey Bogue Placed In Foster Home

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CHATHAM COUNTY — A Chatham County girl who nearly died during last month's snowstorm is now in the hands of strangers. Workers from the Chatham County Department of Social Services picked up Hailey Bogue, who had been staying with her grandmother since getting out of the hospital.

A judge ordered Hailey be placed with the same foster family that is taking care of her half brother. Sandra Bogue, the girl's grandmother, says she was doing well at her house, but she is worried that Hailey will end up back with her mother.

"I don't think she understands anything that's going on," Bogue says. "As a matter of fact, she's told me herself that she wants to stay here with me, and she wants her brother, and her mother and her dad to visit."

Bogue says she does not know why a judge would have the 4-year-old girl taken away. She says Hailey's mother, who is charged with negligence, might be pushing the move to get back at the child's father.

Either way, Bogue believes Hailey is the one who suffers, especially if she ends up with her mother again.

"Hailey has already stated that she did not want to go back there to live, and then the scare, and the insecurity that she has, I feel like that's the wrong thing to do with the child," Bogue says. "It's like she has no say." Prosecutors say negligence allowed Hailey to wander off alone last month. -->

Bogue believes she is Hailey's best chance for a normal life.

"I feel like that I have done more for Hailey since she's been born than either of her parents have, and I really feel like that I should have a say," Bogue says.

The Chatham County Department of Social Services would not comment on the case. Hailey Bogue's mother was in the hospital Friday delivering her fourth child. -->

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