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Father-Son Team Scores With Shootout

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KIPLING — Sports like tennis and baseball have electric machines that help players practice, but there has been no such device for basketball, until now.

After hours of shooting hoops and chasing after the ball, a man from Fuquay-Varina and his dad invented another option. The Shootout took about six years to develop, but they think invention helps improve games and attitudes.

Kevin Cass says players need to take 3,500 shots a week to feel confident on the court, and that is a lot of running back and forth.

"Shooting is nothing but confidence, and when you're running around chasing a ball, you can't develop that," Cass says.

So, Kevin and his dad teamed up to create the Shootout, a device that fits over the hoop and automatically returns the ball. It enables shooters to take about 500-600 shots per hour.

Free throws, three-point shots, it moves so players can shoot from anywhere on the court.

"You don't chase any missed shots," Cass says. "It just keeps their interest, and then they'll develop, and they'll improve, and they'll want to play more."

Norman Cass, Kevin's father, runs a family flower business, but he is hoping this family idea will grow into more than a hobby.

As a former coach, he thinks children may benefit most. "It'll at least give them the chance to be very good, if they're willing to put the effort into it," Cass says. " That's basically what it's about. It's an educational tool."

The Shootout can be used by players of all ages, even children. In fact, the Cass' hope to set up their invention in children's basketball camps at no charge.

They have found it is also popular with people who just want to sharpen their competitive edge for a friendly pickup game.

The Charlotte Hornets equipment manager is interested in the Shootout and wants to try one out in August.

The Cass' plan to sell a plastic, backyard model for about $100-$200.

For more information on the Shootout, call1-800-SHOOTER.

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