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They Don't Shoot Squirrels, Do They?

Posted March 23, 2000 6:00 a.m. EST

— A battle between squirrels and homeowners is turning violent in the Wayne County town of Fremont.

The squirrel population is growing so quickly in the small town that a dozen people have asked the police for help.

Now, Chief Floyd Hobbs is asking the town board for permission to shoot the animals in rare cases where cages do not work. It sounds unusual, but he says the rodents are potentially dangerous.

"You're talking about structure damage," Hobbs says. "You're talking about chewing into electrical wires, which definitely could be a fire hazard. Also, we're concerned about disease."

The town board would have to approve the idea before it would take effect.

The Chief says only he would be pulling the trigger, not homeowners.