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Travel Agents, Passengers Deal With Possible US Airways Strike

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RDU INTERNATIONAL — A possibleUS Airwaysstrike has travel agents preparing for the worst, and passengers scrambling to get seats.

One phone call after another, travel agent Wanda Warren is trying to keep her clients happy.

In a letter, US Airways told Warren and other travel agents that a strike is likely, and passengers, booked on flights between March 25 and April 9, can have their money back.

"While we have advance notice, we can re-protect them by booking them on an alternative airline," Warren says.

On Saturday, US Airways' planes could be on the ground, and ticket lines may lead nowhere.

"The worst case scenario is that someone could arrive at the airport, and no one from US Air will be there," Warren says.

Gordon Stahl is caught in the middle. He is leavingRDU InternationalTuesday night, but his return flight is Sunday.

"It would be a big inconvenience," Stahl says.

WRAL could not reach US Airways for comment.

If the strike does happen, travel agents say other airlines may not honor US Airways' tickets.

If US Airways' travelers are worried about the possible strike, they should try to re-book their flight with a different airline.

Travelers should call their travel agent, or if travelers booked US Airways' tickets online, they should call US Airways at800-428-4322.