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Zebulon Police Celebrate St. Patrick's Day With DWI Checkpoint

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ZEBULON — Law enforcement officers used St. Patrick's Day to drive home an important message: do not drink and drive.

Police stopped hundreds of motorists at a checkpoint at Highway 64 Friday night. They were looking for drunk drivers, drugs and vehicle violations.

A bus with breathalyzers and a magistrate for violators was on hand for anyone who was caught red-handed.

Many motorists believe the checkpoints make the roads safer for everyone.

"You've got the St. Patrick's holiday, and a lot of people are going to be drinking, said motorist Douglas Forte. "I think it's a great idea. We need this."

Some motorists say putting the checkpoint on a major thoroughfare is a bad idea.

"I think the checkpoint is good, just not on a major highway like this," said motorist Sam Homewood. "I think it's ridiculous."

Police say the checkpoints send a strong message to would-be violators.

"You don't know when we are going to pop up or where we are going to pop up," said Zebulon police officer Todd Townsend. "I think that itself will strike a bit of fear in individuals that will attempt to drive while impaired."

Police say they made four drunk driving arrest and towed about 25 cars for various infractions. One arrest was for possession of $500 worth of cocaine.