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RALEIGH — NASCAR is billed as the most competitive series in racing, but in 1998 two cars won two-thirds of the races.

Mark Martin's 6 car found victory lane seven times. Jeff Gordon won 13 races. The dominant 13 car, and the team behind it, have people taking sides in racing. Some people think dominance is great, but others are not so sure.

"If two team win a majority of the races, then what do I do? It doesn't help my deal."

"You tell everyone how competitive this sport is and then you show them the results, and they say 'These guys won a lot of races, why didn't you win one or two."

Looming even larger than the issue of dominating drivers is the matter of multi-car teams. Single car teams won just two races last year at one track leaving some racers thinking that the single family farm.

"It appears that it is [going to more team racing] right now and that's a shame if that happens."

"As a competitor I don't think that it would be great to have five car owners own the entire sport, but hopefully it won't come to that."

There are some people that are against it, but most of the fraternity probably wouldn't mind. If the 99 season would cast more doubt on those teams of fortune.


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