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Gang Member Says Queen, Tirado Shot Victims In Double Murder Trial

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FAYETTEVILLE — Debra Cheeseborough, the woman who survived a murderous gang initiation, was not able to identify the men who shot her and left her for dead, but on Tuesday, an admitted gang member filled in the blanks.

Ione Black told jurors how Tracy Lambert and Susan Moore were picked at random to be kidnapped and killed. Black is the state's key witness in the gang initiation double murder trial of Eric Queen and Paco Tirado.

Black testified the defendants shoved the girls in the trunk of a car and drove them to a field where Queen shot Lambert.

"They were crying and kept asking, 'What are you all going to do with us?'" Black said. "She (Lambert) kept saying, 'Please don't hurt us.'"

"She was walking and had her hands over her head, and I remember her saying 'Oh, God, Susan. We're going to die. I don't want to die,'" Black said. "I remember him saying, 'Shut up.' He just pointed the gun to her head and shot her."

Black also said that Tirado shot Moore. She said Tirado showed no remorse and was joking about what he had just done.

In cross-examination, defense attorneys tried to portray Black as a drugged-up, lying gang member who is testifying to save her life. Black agreed to a plea bargain in exchange for her testimony.



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