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Johnston County Residents Oppose Industrial Plan For Neuse River

Posted March 13, 2000 6:00 a.m. EST

— Everyone wants a little bit of space among a lot of urban sprawl, but some neighbors along the Neuse River are fighting a losing battle against big industry that they say will take away their peace and quiet.

People inJohnston Countyhave been fighting a plan to rezone land along the Neuse River for heavy industry.

"We were terrified. Several of the neighbors just started riding around, informing each other what was going on," says Johnston County resident Tony Nixon.

Residents of the Clearwater subdivision are worried that two men, who own 1,100 acres of empty land along to the Neuse River, asked that the land be rezoned for heavy industrial use.

Selma Mayor Joe Moore says the land is an economic opportunity for the town.

"We've got an industrial park in town, and we have industry in that," Moore says. "We are just trying to create more jobs and a better place to live."

Residents attended the town meeting Tuesday to try to dissuade the council about the industrial plan but to no avail. The council voted 4-1 for the plan.

"If we continue to go through and recklessly build things and do things that threaten our environment, then we are not going to leave much for our kids," Nixon says.

The meeting was the first of a two-part debate. Half of the land lies in Johnston County. On April 10, Johnston County commissioners will vote on their half of the plan.