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Kristi Allen Runs Toward Success

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FRANKLINTON — Kristi Allen ofFranklinton High Schoolhas the desire to be a winner in every aspect of her life.

Allen is Franklinton's senior captain averaging 14 points per game, but she is also All-Tar-Roanoke 1A conference in volleyball, softball and track in addition to basketball.

"Kristi is going to give her best shot at everything she does," Franklinton coach Lester Wilder said. "She is very determined to be successful, and once she starts to do something she will keep working to get it right. That's the drive you need, not only athletically, but in everything you do."

"I work very hard," Allen said. "I play ball all summer long. I stay in the classroom extra if I have to, and I play AAU ball every summer. You just have to work at it everyday."

Academically, Allen is an honor student with a 3.9 grade point average.

"I know that my academics always comes first, and even if I'm late for practice my coach understands," Allen said.

"She is a great role model for everyone here," says Principal Anthony Davis. "She is a very humble individual. She is a very unselfish person, and is willing to help everyone anyway she can."

"Kristi is an individual, so she doesn't mind if she is different," says teacher Laura Hall. "She is a very good student."

"She is a good example for any young lady to follow from a social stand point, athletic stand point and just a person in general," Wilder said. "I think that speaks well for her and her upbringing."

"My parents have been so supportive of me in my athletics and academics," Allen said.

Franklinton High School senior Kristi Allen is this weeks winner of theExtra Effort Award.

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