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Wilson Recreation Director Under Investigation For Child Molestation

Posted March 7, 2000 6:00 a.m. EST

— Wilson Policeand theState Bureau of Investigationare trying to determine if a man hired to help children may have hurt one.

People who know and respect Charles Jones say his leadership at the Reid Street Recreational Center improved the lives of the boys and girls in the area.

When Arthur Burke heard his longtime mentor was under investigation for child molestation, he could not believe it.

"It's something I don't think really happened," Burke says. "I don't think Charles would do anything of that nature. He's helped this community and the kids, the youth off the street have somewhere to go."

Detectives say at the first of the year, they received a complaint from a woman who accused Jones of molesting a minor.

Police will not elaborate on what may have happened, when or where.

About a month after the investigation was launched, Jones, a former Wilson police officer, resigned from his job as recreation center director.

"I would say in approximately two weeks to a month, it's going to be given to the grand jury to decide and make a decision based on the investigation of the police department and the SBI," says Det. Kendra Howell of the Wilson Police Department.

Until then, Jones' future, and the future of the recreation center he helped thrive, hang in the balance.

Wilson Police called in the SBI to help in the investigation because Jones was a city employee at the time. Jones has not been charged with any crime.

WRAL tried to contact Jones Thursday, but was unsuccessful.