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Cary Child Makes Up Story Of Attempted Kidnapping

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CARY — A 13-year-old Cary girl who told police someone tried to drag her away in a kidnapping now says the incident never happened. Cary police say the incident was a hoax.

The composite drawing she helped investigators put together was fiction.

Police say she made up the description of the green car, the story about being dragged into it and being rescued by her brother.

Police say the young woman admitted she made the incident up Tuesday morning when they approached her about her story.

"Once the investigator talked with her and confronted her with the information that we received, she had admitted to him that she had staged the whole thing," says Lt. Steve Lee of the Cary Police Department.

Lee says that the girl arranged a meeting Sunday evening on Cowley Road with an male adult acquaintance in his 20s.

"Before she had left the house to walk the dog, she had called this particular individual and asked that person to meet her at the location where the incident occurred," Lee says.

A hour later, the girl's family got worried, and the girl's 16-year-old brother went looking for her. He saw his sister get in the car on Cowley Road, so he followed the car for several blocks.

When the girl got out of the car, her brother recognized the person in the car as an acquaintance of his sister, and when the girl returned home, her brother backed his sister's story.

The incident created fear in the Lochmere Village neighborhood, but it also opened some eyes in the community.

"There are bad things that happen out there, and sometimes we have to be reminded of that," says Cary resident Sally Resnik.

Instead of arresting a kidnapper, police are considering charges against the girl and her brother.


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