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Cary Businessman Upset Over Not Being Able To Cash In During CIAA Tournament

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CARY — Most local businesses are salivating over the prospect of theCIAA Tournament, but one businessman says the town of Cary has shut down his right to cash in.

Ben Coley of Ben's Jamaican Restaurant on Chapel Hill Road says the landlord sealed off entry to half of his leased space.

Town inspectors say he violated fire codes and parking regulations with big crowds. He says it has forced him to cancel two big CIAA parties at the last minute.

"They don't want the black crowd," Coley says. "That's what they're saying."

Chief Winfield Hunter of the Cary Police Department says he told Coley last week the town would no longer allow off-duty Cary cops to work security there because of concerns for their safety. Hunter says the restaurant has had too many disturbance, drug, and alcohol problems.

"Our obligation is as law enforcement officers, no matter what anybody thinks about the time or reason behind it," Hunter says. "We have to pursue whatever actions are necessary in ensuring the public's safety."

Coley says he stands to lose $40,000 to $50,000 this weekend because his space has been reduced. Hunter says the town may take further action to shut down his late night business completely.