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CIAA School Scores by Hiring First Female President

Posted February 27, 2000 6:00 a.m. EST

— There is more to cheer about at theCIAA Tournamentthan the athletic prowess on display.

Dr. Dianne Boardley Suber has scored a history-making title: she is the first female president ofSt. Augustine's College.

"This is a good marriage between me and St. Augustine's College," Dr. Suber declared.

On the steps of the Raleigh college, Suber's words marked the start of an educational union that is making history.

"I come to college, the first female president, making history, I'm happy about that," she said.

The Wall of Presidents tells the story of St. Aug's past. Dr. Suber plans to have her say about the future of this historically black college.

"I never thought about being a female until I got to the second round of the interview process and realized all the people in the process were men," she recalled.

Dr. Suber's 30-year career in education, though, spoke for itself.

Now at the helm, Dr. Suber is making the rounds in the community. Part of her plan is to make sure the college remains a thriving institution.

"When you walk or drive onto this campus, you know that integrity and character are important," she says.

Important to Dr. Suber, as always, are the students.

"It's the note that you get from that student who everybody had written off. You did something. Those things and just seeing the light in the children's eyes," she says.