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Potholes Popping Up All Over; Permanent Patch May Not Be Solution

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RALEIGH — There are still several jolting surprises for drivers in the aftermath of the big snowstorm: the size of potholes and, despite the warm weather, the fact that the number of them is still increasing.

Just this week alone in Raleigh, crews have filled over 500 potholes.

One problem they are having is that Raleigh crews have to get out and find the potholes. They would rather hear from you.

"We like for people to call us, and let us know where they arebeforeit knocks a hub cap off," says Mac Jones, street superintendent. "We do appreciate it, and we'll get it patched the same day if they'll let us know by lunch."

You can report a pothole in Raleigh by calling(919) 831-6446. In other areas, call the nearest DOT office.

Raleigh is also exploring alternatives to traditional pothole repair, likethe EZ Street Company's "permanent patch."

Two weeks after EZ Street fixed one local pothole, WRAL checked on it. It appears that the fix is not so permanent.

A company spokesman says the product will not work if the surrounding pavement crumbles.

Raleigh is still undecided.

"They're promoting that as a permanent patch," Jones says. "Permanent is a long time, so we've got to evaluate it more than two weeks, but certainly if it's coming out now, that's not a good sign."