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X-rated Web Site Uses UNC Name To Peddle Pornography

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CHAPEL HILL — TheUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hillis trying to unravel a web of disgust. An X-rated Web site is using Carolina's name to peddle pornography.

Universal Nude College Girls is listing their Web site as UNCGirls.com. The Web site makes references to the university's on-campus store and gives quotes from scantily-clad women presumably of college age.

UNC student Katie Wrankin is appalled by the Web site's content.

"I think it is completely misleading and disgusting," Wrankin says. "It's an easy way for someone to make a mistake and go to a site like that."

The UNC name and logo are registered trademarks with financial clout, bringing in an estimated $80 million a year in merchandise sales to the university.

Steve Brummett, UNC licensing director, says linking the letters UNC to the pornographic Web site can be confusing and offensive.

"UNC girls can be a lot of things to a lot of different people," Brummett says. "When you see the Old Well and see our seal, that is UNC-Chapel Hill."

"When someone takes that and uses it for any commercial use, that is why we have a licensing program," Brummett says. "We want to make sure that we control that."

The domain name for the Web site was registered to an UNC student, but he says he sold the rights to the name in 1999. He claims he has nothing to do with the current Web site.

Even though the Web site has a disclaimer in reference to the university, school officials are considering legal action.

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