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Siler City Residents Pray For Peace In Anti-Immigration Rally

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SILER CITY — David Duke, former KKK Grand Wizard, will lead a protest against Hispanics at noon on Saturday in Chatham County. Area Hispanics and some members of the community are hoping to turn ignorance into understanding.

On Friday, St. Julia's Catholic Church offered itself as a calm divide between peace and a planned protest.

"When one member of our parish is threatened in any way, then all of us have to deal with that and try to support each other in midst of that," says Rev. Daniel Quackenbush, a priest at St. Julia. "That is the type of spirit that we have tried to create here at St. Julia."

Siler City is attracting Hispanic residents in record numbers. Richard Vanderford, who runs a Siler City service station, wants to put an end to the migration. The anti-immigration rally is his way of rolling up the welcome mat.

Amelia Fisher, a self-described immigrant from Panama, prayed for healing.

"I feel that with prayer and the Lord's guidance, it will turn out fine," Fisher says. "There won't be any violence, and it will turn out fine."

To avoid any violence, civil rights activists are asking other activists to stay away from the rally to avoid any confrontations.