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Gore Visits Raleigh, Receives Endorsement from Hunt, Edwards

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RALEIGH — Vice President and democratic presidential candidate Al Gore left Raleigh Wednesday, after receiving endorsements from Governor Jim Hunt and Senator John Edwards.

Trafficbacked up on I-40 after the highway patrol shut down the Interstate while Gore's motorcade headed to Raleigh.

Gore traveled to the Governor's mansion for dinner, and he also spent the night there. Gore arrived atBroughton High Schoolaround 9:45 a.m., the school attended by Edwards' daughter.

In front of 30 students, Governor Hunt and Senator John Edwards gave Gore their support as the next president of the United States. The main reason for their support is Gore's commitment to education.

Hunt reiterated his goal for North Carolina's students, "First in America by 2010, that's our goal, and the things you're talking about would really strengthen what we're trying to do," Hunt said to Gore.

Gore agreed. "I want to take an approach as president of the United States, with your help, that is similar to the approach that Governor Jim Hunt has taken here in North Carolina," Gore told the students.

The high school students had a few questions for Gore and a few comments.

"I think computer classes should be a core class in high school. And I think kids in high school should have enough training where they can go out and get that job almost out of high school," one student said. Gore agreed with him.

"What can be done to aid more minority students in getting to college and what can keep them there?" another student asked. "That's one of the reasons why I called for more tuition assistance," Gore answered her.

Gore's responses were just what the political leaders wanted to hear.

"I can't imagine anybody who's better prepared, as I stand here today, to be president of the United States than Al Gore. He hears the voices of the American people. He has heard your voices today," Edwards said.

Hunt's endorsement was his first in a presidential primary since 1988, when he also backed Gore.

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