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Fayetteville Installs Intersection Cameras to Catch Red Light Runners

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FAYETTEVILLE — Big brother is going to be watching Fayetteville motorists and taking their picture if they run red lights.

Cameras will soon be placed at two Fayetteville intersections: Bragg Boulevard at Sycamore Dairy Road and Ramsey Street at Law Road.

Residents say the new cameras will make them think twice.

"I know I have at times when I'm in a hurry, but I've been cautioned that they're going to take some pictures and later send me a ticket, so I'm more cautious now," says driver Belta Bivens.

The camera only snaps a photo of the license plate if the car is going through the red light at a speed of more than 15 mph.

Nearly a dozen cities and towns in North Carolina will also be adding the cameras, including Rocky Mount, Greenville, Greensboro and High Point.

Raleigh has not been granted permission yet to install cameras, butthat could soon change.

Charlotte already has the cameras in place, and officials say they have cut down significantly on the number of red light runners.

Drivers caught on camera speeding through red lights receive a $50 citation in the mail, but no points are added to their insurance. And there is a grace period -- warning tickets will be issued until March 3.

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