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Flower Shops Blooming and Booming on Valentine's Day

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RALEIGH — If you have a sweetheart -- and you don't know this is Valentine's Day -- you may be in trouble!

All over our area, people are exchanging candy, cards -- and LOTS of flowers.

For many businesses, Valentine's Day isn't just about LOVE, it is about making money.

AtFallonsflower shop in Raleigh, Valentine's Day 2000 has become their busiest day ever. This year, many people ordered early and as of Sunday the shop had taken all of the deliveries it could handle.

Flower shops all over the country are blooming and booming with business.

Fallons has agreed to deliver 1,700 colorful, aromatic creations.

Teresa Lane was scheduled for 12 hours on the road.

"When you give the flowers to the people and you see how excited they are, I guess in the end you can say it's all worth it," Lane said as she negotiated Monday morning traffic with a van filled with floral greetings.

Lane usually works in accounting, crunching numbers for Fallons, but her job this Valentine's Day was to make people smile.

Most people are excited when they see a fresh bouquet coming their way, whether it is from a romantic partner, family member or friend.

Other recipients are totally surprised.

So whether it is arranging the blooms back in the shop, or meeting people face to face during deliveries, these workers say that on February 14 they have the best job in town.

Those whose planning was a bit awry can still save Valentine's Day by dropping by the florist to choose an arrangement for that special person.

Sometimes that can be even better -- a personal delivery to your very own Valentine.


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