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Vance County Residents: Animal Shelter Must Clean Up Its Act

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VANCE COUNTY — The lack of heat at a local animal shelter has some people fired up, but they say the cold conditions are just the beginning of the problems.

Many Vance County residents want the animal control department to clean up its act. They claim the shelter is full of cold animals due to faulty heating.

"I think that we should be ashamed of what has happened for a long time," says animal activist Faye Moss. "We should feel the blame and get the problem solved now."

Residents packed into the county commissioners' meeting Monday to discuss the situation.

"I have seen what looks indicative, I think, of frostbite. I have seen dogs that were dead," says animal activist Dawn Thompson.

Mike Grissom, animal control officer, denies the charges. He says the department is doing the best it can with what it has.

"The thing is we were using whatever means we had to keep these animals warm," he says.

Local businessman Gary Huber is donating and installing a heating system. He says it should be up and running at the shelter by the end of the week.

County commissioners were unable to agree on a proposed ordinance that would lengthen the amount of time an animal could stay in the shelter before being put to sleep. The proposed ordinance would also create an advisory council. They are expected to vote on the issue in a special session next week.


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