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State Students Left Out in the Cold for Tickets

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RALEIGH — N.C. Statetried a new method of distributing basketball tickets Saturday, and it left some students out in the cold.

Hundreds of students waited in the rain for tickets to the Duke and Clemson games.

Students were not allowed to line up until 10 a.m.

Officials planned to start handing out tickets at noon, but by 10:30, there were enough people in line to grab up all 2,400 of the available tickets. So the box office opened early.

The tickets ran out before the lines did, and a few dozen students left empty-handed.

Many think the university should give out more student tickets, now that the Wolfpack plays in a 19,000-seat arena.

"I can understand Reynolds didn't seat nearly as many, but 20,000 seats and students can't get tickets," says student Peter Childs. "It's ridiculous."

The new system was enacted after N.C. state banned campouts, the traditional way students secured tickets in the past.

The university banned tenting for tickets after students at last week's campout set furniture on fire and threw beer bottles at emergency crews.

A task force of students and administrators is studying new options for ticket distribution. The group will also look at whether it is possible to resume campouts next year.

Task force members are expected to present a report by May 1.