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Police Release Search Warrant In Death Of 5-Year-Old Boy

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FAYETTEVILLE — Police investigators have released the search warrant for the house where 5-year-old Jared Green was found murdered Thursday.

In two of the pages in the search warrant, the investigating officer, Christopher Corcione, describes in great detail what Alexandra Goehl, the girlfriend of Jared Green's father, said they did to the 5-year-old. He talks about the open wound on Jared's forehead and the countless bruises on his legs, arms and back.

The warrant also describes how Green and Goehl punished Jared for wetting his pants. It read:"She (Alexandra Goehl) and Michael Green used duct tape to tape Jared Green to a chair because he was acting up and soiling his pants. Goehl said that Green taped Jared's wrists together, put duct tape around his head and taped a plastic bag around him as a diaper. Goehl said they then taped Jared to the chair and left him in the library all night."

"This is a 5-year-old child that could not defend himself," says Sgt. James Todd of the Fayetteville Police Department. "He looks for his father and mother for protection, and he had none."

The search warrant was supposed to be released Thursday night. However, investigators had so much evidence to sift through that they say they had to hold off until Friday afternoon.

Green and Goehl are both in the Cumberland County jail. Green also has a 6-year-old son who has been placed in foster care.